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The One-of-a-Kind by Patou: A collection of one-off designs, showcasing all the expertise of Patou when it comes to embroidery and workmanship. Exceptional pieces for special occasions... and the knowledge that no one else will be wearing anything like it.
These pieces are available on request, only in size 36. If interested, please contact our concierge service for further details about them, including pricing and fitting information.
Click here to contact us: concierge@patou.fr

Besticktes Cape-Kleid mit Federbesatz

Cape dress embroidered with feathers

Besticktes Jacquard-Kleid mit Blumen-Print

Besticktes Midikleid aus Denim

Besticktes Spitzenkleid in Gold

Besticktes Midikleid aus Ponyfell-Imitat

Midilänge, Reißverschluss hinten. Midilänge, Ziernähte am unteren Rockende.

Spitzenkleid mit breitem Kragen