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Patou - Welche Farbe spricht zu Ihrem Herzen?

Welche Farbe spricht zu Ihrem Herzen?


Eine vielseitige Tasche, die auf drei verschiedene Arten getragen werden kann: als Handtasche, diagonal am Körper oder über der Schulter. Was passiert, wenn zwei dieser im Halbkreis-Format gefertigten Taschen aufeinandertreffen? Voilà, er erscheint das ikonische JP Monogramm. Dank ihres Halbmondformats präsentiert sich diese Tasche mit einem „lächelnden Gesicht“. Sie ist in vielen ausdrucksstarken Farben erhältlich. Welche davon zaubert Ihnen ein Lächeln auf die Lippen?

Entdecken Sie hier alle erhältlichen Farben.

Patou - A know-how of excellence

A know-how of excellence


Taking inspiration and shape from the Jean Patou monogram, Le Patou bag was designed in the heart of Paris, in our studio on Ile de la Cité. The designs then made our way to our manufacturer in the town of Ubrique, Spain, in a workshop famous for its expertise in leather goods production for over 30 years. The artisans carefully select each piece of leather, which is then cut by hand. Seven pieces of leather are then assembled. Metal parts are applied, buffed, and shined. Finally, the bag is put into its own organic cotton duster bag. A precious process, Le Patou bag is ready for you!


Patou - A unique leather for a unique bag

A unique leather for a unique bag

La Patou bag is the iconic leather good of the Maison. In staying true to our ethos of sustainability in our development, we refuse to produce new leather to manufacture Le Patou bag. We use high quality upcycled deadstock – leathers that were already produced but unused – which we in turn, carefully select, to give it a new life. We limit waste by using high quality raw materials that already exist, creating a bag that is not only ethically made, but will last you a lifetime. Since our leather stock is limited, each color is a limited and numbered edition: just like a work of art!