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Most frequently asked questions

Most frequently asked questions

The Patou House

Who is Patou?

Patou is a fashion house created by Jean Patou in 1914.

Patou is a century of couture, a revolution in women's fashion (sportswear, swimwear, sunscreen, and the monogram...), iconic ambassadors (Josephine Baker, Mistinguett, Suzanne Lenglen, Louise Brooks), as well as unforgettable perfumes (Joy, 1000), not to mention some of the most renowned designers who took over (Marc Bohan, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix ...).

Patou is a renaissance, a new chapter of Patou-à-porter, women’s ready-to-wear with a few accessories here and there, under the artistic direction of Guillaume Henry.

Patou is Patou!

But Jean Patou is also perfumes, right?

Yes, indeed! Jean Patou revolutionized the perfume industry with some of the most iconic fragrances of the 20th century.

Today, Jean Patou's fragrances are no longer in production. However, you can still find your favourite Jean Patou perfumes in select authorized outlets around the world.

The Patou Products

Where can I find the Patou collections?

Patou has come to you! Patou designs by Guillaume Henry are now available on, shipping to 41 countries. The full list of shippable countries is available on, by clicking on the country selector: All countries where we ship to are noticed with a basket icon. And we are working hard on increasing this list very soon; feel free to subscribe to the Patou Letter to be the first to know about the new countries we open.

On top of that, Patou collections are as well available among a network of retailer partners, that we have carefully chosen, across the world. You can find the exhaustive list of retailers by clicking on the Store Locator on

Member or not Member ? Why subscribing to the Patou Club?

The Patou Club is the best kept secret in town ! It is a free membership club for those who love the designs of Guillaume Henry and the House of Patou. All what you have to do is filling the online form on and you will get access to several benefits, such as:

  • Access to your orders history

  • Invitation to products premières

  • Subscription to Private Instagram account @PatouClub, curated by Guillaume Henry, and showcasing the behind the scenes of the Maison

  • Private and exclusive discounts

You would like to offer Patou ? How to ?

Patou good to be true! You are looking for a Patou gift for your friend or your beloved? is definitively the destination! All what you have to do is selecting the gift-wrapping option while purchasing on and noticing the receiver address as shipping address. The lucky one will receive a one-of-gift gift box (fabulous but yet green!) but no invoice, no price. And in case the product does not fit the receiver’s expectations, she will just have to contact the Patou team on the phone (+33 1 42 01 23 69) or via email to exchange with a new one.

Patou also offers gift cards to purchase for an amount of 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500€.
To gift one, it is very easy! Just place your order and forward the email to your recipient.

Where do we ship Patou?

We are pleased to ship from to 25 countries in Europe. How to know if you live in one of these countries? Just visit the country selector on and you will notice little basket icons, closed to the countries that are shoppable.

This being said, for some logistics reasons, we are not able to deliver some island territories; please visit the Terms and conditions on the website to discover the zip codes where we will not be able to ship.

Icing on the cake, we offset our carbon footprint for our ecommerce shipping by participating to the DHL Go Green Program. And Patou is coming to you! We deliver both to your home or to your office, just to make your life easier!

You would like to return a product purchased on

We are very sad to hear that your product does not totally fulfil your expectations! And we are doing our best so as it does not happen again.

Whether you would like to return the product because of a defect, because the size does not fit or just because you do not like it as much as you thought, give us a ring to the Patou Team at +33 1 42 01 23 69 or email us at, within 30 days after reception of your purchase. We will arrange the pick up and make sure you get refund as soon as possible.

And we sincerely hope to see you back soon on

Wait, I have more questions!

And our Patou Team has more answers! Do not hesitate to contact us in the contact section of our website. It’s our pleasure to shed some light and a little delight on your queries!

How to use my promo code?

Discount codes are for single use only. They are strictly personal and linked to your Patou Club account. They will only work if you place an order with the email address used to create your account. You won't be able to use several discount codes at the same time.
To use a discount code, enter it in the « Discount code » field at checkout, before paying your order. The amount of the offer linked to your discount code will be automatically deducted. Promo codes do not apply on shipping fees.
All discount codes have an expiration date. After this date, you won’t be able to use it anymore.
Discount codes are not retroactive. If the code was not applied to your order, you won’t be able to benefit from it anymore. Discount codes are no longer valid if your order is returned or cancelled.
The welcome discount code offers 10% off your first order. It can’t be combined with any promotion.

The Patou Gift Card

Offer a gift card

With the Patou gift card, you are sure to treat without making any mistake. It is only available here on for an amount of 100€, 200€, 300€, 400€ or 500€. 

How will I receive my gift card?

The gift card will be sent to you by email (the one used to place the order).
After placing your order, you will receive 2 emails: an order confirmation and a second email with the gift card. You can then choose to print out the gift card or to forward it by email to the person of your choice.
Since you are receiving an email, the gift wrap option at checkout is not available for this type of product.

Can I cancel my gift card order?

The gift card cannot be returned or refunded, even if the amount is not spent.

How to use a Patou gift card?

The Patou gift card is only valid online on It cannot be used in physical stores.
The gift card only works for a purchase in euros. The order can be shipped to all our e-commerce countries located in Europe.
The gift card is valid on all our collections, including items in promotion.
Promotional codes and gift cards cannot be used to order a gift card.

How do I pay for my order using a gift card?

To pay for your order using a gift card, simply enter the code of the card in the "promotional code" box at checkout.
The gift card cannot be combined with any other promotional code.

How long is a gift card valid for?

Gift cards have no expiration date. They can be used in several times.

How do I check the amount and code of my gift card?

To check the amount on your gift card, you can contact our customer service at and +33 1 42 01 23 69. Our team will tell you the total or remaining balance on your card.
If you have lost your gift card code, you can also contact our customer service and they will send it to you.

Can the gift card be used in instalments?

The amount of your gift card can be used in several times.

My order paid with a gift card was cancelled

If the order you have just placed with your gift card has been cancelled, the amount will be automatically credited back to your gift card.
We invite you to get in touch with our customer service to place your order again.

Can I return an order paid with a gift card?

You can return your order even if it was paid with a gift card. The amount of your return will then be automatically credited back to the original gift card when your return is validated. You will then be able to reuse this amount to place a new order.
If the amount to be refunded is less than the original total amount of the gift card, the refund will be credited to the gift card first.
If the amount to be refunded is greater than the amount of your gift card, we will refund the difference via a transfer directly to the complementary payment method used.
Items paid by gift card are only refundable to the gift card. It will not be possible to credit the amount of the return to another payment method.

Can I place an order if the amount is less than the amount of the gift card?

It is possible to place an order even if the final amount is less than your gift card. The total of the order will be automatically deducted from your gift card. The remaining amount will remain on your gift card. You can use your gift card in several times.

Can I place an order if the amount is greater than the amount of the gift card?

You can place an order with your gift card, even if the final amount of the order is greater than the amount of your gift card. To do this, simply enter the code of your gift card in the box in your basket. The amount of your gift card will be deducted and the remaining amount to pay will be calculated automatically. You will be able to pay the reamaining amount by the payment method of your choice.