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Patou Cares

A sustainable process

Patou - Alternative & Certified raw materials

Alternative & Certified raw materials

  • More than 60% of the ready-to-wear collection is made with organic cotton, recycled or recycled wool and combined with other natural and organic fibres.

  • For example, our denim jeans are made in organic cotton. Our t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos are 100% organic cotton and manufactured in Portugal to reduce our CO2 impact with transports.

  • We do not use any fur, and we only use upcycled leather coming from high end leather dead stocks to produce our handbags (Le Patou and Le Petit Patou).

  • In order to reduce our environmental impact, 90% of the samples we developed are then produced. We conceive and produce optimized, accurate collections that limit the use of unnecessary materials and prototypes.

  • We also maintain a permanent range from year to year: “Les Essentiels” line, which is Patou timeless wardrobe, and carryover items.
Patou - Eco-designed packaging

Eco-designed packaging

Most of our packaging is made from certified, environmentally friendly, recycled, and recyclable materials (FSC label):

  • Our organic cotton product bags are made from recycled and recyclable materials. They are reusable by our customers as part of our “Plastic Free” customer packaging. Our labels and hangtags are composed of recycled polyester and recycled paper. Also, for our storage, packaging bags and covers are made of bioplastic from sugar cane.
  • The Patou hangers are eco-designed from 100% recycled materials consisting of a blend of wood (60%) and recycled polypropylene (40%). From the factory to the atelier to your home, the same unique hanger is used throughout the life of the product
  • For our deliveries we use only one box per product to avoid double packaging. When it is needed, we use recycled kraft cushion paper, organic cotton ribbon gift-wrapping and responsible jewellery boxes made without glue and in recycled paper.
  • In addition, we offset our CO2 emissions from our e-commerce shipments with the GoGreen DHL program.


Transparency and Traceability

Patou - Transparency and Traceability

Transparency and Traceability

  • The Patou collection is produced responsibly through near sourcing to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • We invite you to get to know each product and the Patou hands behind it by using our QR codes. At any moment, you can scan the QR code and trace the manufactured product. You will know more about the workshop where it was manufactured and the fabric that we selected.

  • The Patou collection is mainly made in Europe (except for some specific expertise such as jewellery made in Bali, some accessories and clothes made in Madagascar). More than 40% of the Spring-Summer 2023 collection is made in workshops that were audited by Bureau Veritas.

  • We do our best to work hand in hand with our suppliers to trace our chain of traceability. Season after season, we strive to provide ever more transparency.
Patou - Corporate Social Responsability:

Corporate Social Responsability:

  • We support and promote exemplary CSR initiatives within the factories and industrial partners with whom we work.

  • For example, one of our knit manufacturers contributes to social integration through the employment of a community of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina that protects their ancestral craft of hand knitting.
Patou - An eco-friendly programme at the Patou headquarters and in sales areas

An eco-friendly programme at the Patou headquarters and in sales areas

  • The Patou space is eco-designed with precision, friendliness, and responsibility, to stimulate team creativity and provide an inspired customer experience.


  • Our eco-friendly program can be seen in-house, from worktables and storage shelves made of high-density recycled wood paneling, we use low energy impact lighting with low energy consumption (5 Watt/ m2) and our Patou stationery is made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper.