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Spring-Summer 2025



This summer, Patou presents Rose.
Rose is a color, Rose is a flower, Rose is a person.
Rose is the very essence of this season's narrative.
Rose is romantic, adventurous, sophisticated.
Rose is a movie about love.
Rose is a piano melody.
Rose is a delicate scent.
Rose’s world is made of fantasy and of ordinary things.

For Rose, it's the moments in between things that count the most.
She likes hearing her steps echo on the busy Parisian cobblestone streets.
She likes letting her phone ring for a moment before picking up.
She likes how her jewelry is cooled by the wind in the morning.

June – an elegant Parisian courtyard. Rose’s hands are casually tucked in her pockets.
Her wardrobe transitions from reassuring colors and cuts (navy belted jackets, white and baby blue pleated skirts)
to a palette of blush pink, lustrous bronze, and polka dots prints.
Finally, she reveals herself through playful silhouettes and dresses shaped as flowers.

Patou’s Rose is a collection grounded in reality : a practical one, made of crisp striped poplin, structured denim
and sporty knitwear ; and a suggestive one, made of voluminous taffeta, knotted collars, floral tones and gold
heart-shaped jewelry.