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Patou x Paraboot


Patou x Paraboot


Patou and Paraboot have joined forces on a collaboration
that features one classic style in two colors.

Patou has taken the iconic “Beaubourg” derby
and has given it a modern Patou twist.
The genuine leather derby with a natural rubber sole
is available in either black or white and features a laser
engraved Patou medallion logo, which appears throughout
the Spring/Summer 2023 collection. This shoe is made of Norwegian sewn,
a technique in which Paraboot is the world leader.
The shoe is sewn to the sole through a tripod,
and both seams are visible. Originally used for mountain
shoes, this sewn ensures comfort, robustness
and total impermeability.

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Paraboot began in Izeaux in 1908 and today remains
a family owned business, where the majority of their products
are made in France. Today the factory and headquarters
are based close to the Alps in Saint Jean de Moirans.

Paraboot focuses on the quality of materials and manufacturing
processes, as well as on flexibility, resistance, insulation,
comfort and hygiene. Paraboot products are top-of-the-range footwear,
carefully designed for the well-being of everyone, in line with fashion
trends. Today, the manufacturing methods have not changed and
Paraboot shoes are still cut from the finest European leathers tanned
in the old fashioned way, providing a real timeless authenticity for
these real and natural products. The leathers are tanned according to
European standards, there is no diffusion of harmful or toxic products
into the skin and the rubber soles are natural and flexible.