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Creative Director: Guillaume Henry @guillaumemarcdamienhenry
Stylist: Benoit Bethume @benoitbethume
Casting Director: William Lhoest @williamlhoest
Movement Director: Ryan Chappell @ryanchappell
Runway Photos: Monica Feudi @monicafeudi
Video: Morgan Mercier @ilightfilms
Video edit: Vincent Busnel @vbusnel
Hair: Ramona Esbach @ramoneyluv @totalworld
Makeup: Janeen Witherspoon @janeen.e.witherspoon @maworldgroup
Nails: Huberte Cesarion @hubertecesarion @mfthavonekham_agency
Music: Wladimir Schall @wladimir.schall
Show Production: Paolina Varenne @paolinav @kitty_events
Press: Press @lucienpages @lucienpagescommunication
Shoes: collaboration with @maisonernest
Sunglasses: collaboration with @bolle_eyewear
Caddie: collaboration with #caddie
Location: @samaritaineparis with special thanks to
@voyagesamaritaine @gleventsgroup