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Act 3&4, 2024



Hiver 24 is backdated. A reflection of a historical and complex era.
In a present where moving forward with optimism has become vital,
We celebrate clothing as a landmark this season.

Outfits become a second skin, a dignified uniform.
Expression of the present, ready for tomorrow.

A garment in its purest form.
It surrounds, complements, and reassures beyond time.
More than ever, at the service of a forward-moving woman.

We envisioned a wardrobe “prêt à vivre” primarily outdoors.
Outfits that skillfully adapt from day to night.
Without artifice or false narration. It is what it is.

The collection is conceived in the spirit of beauty, goodness, and well-made, with, for the first time, the use of 100% eco-friendly materials in each piece.
Effective above all, elegant, of course, an ally to a ready and determined woman.
In Patou, forward we go.